1) Alternative Business Funding

A) Exercise in private provision of capital
B) Capital restructuring
C) Business plans
D) Taking advantage of all funding opportunities

2) Valuations - Exit Strategies

A) Sales of businesses
B) Evaluation and improvement of quality data
C) Business valuations (Hotels, Food-Beverage, Services, Trade, etc.)
D) Exit Strategies

3) Confidential economic surveys

A) Business evaluations
B) Business check up
C) Confidential recovery plans
D) Financial monitoring of companies

4) Business Dept Restructuring

A) Recovery plans
B) Restructuring
C) Business Loans
D) Business Dept

5) GDPR & DPO Services

A) Data protection
B) Gap analysis & Data compliance
C) Security policies
D) DPO services


Alternative funding sources

In recent years, businesses face great difficulty in raising funding from traditional sources i.e. banks etc. However, since business need for cash is growing along with the company itself many entrep...


Why to compile a "company valuation" study?

The purpose of a Business valuation study, is to determine the "fair market value" of a business, so as the shares’ sale rate to be identified.


A company's success is measured by its value

Many entrepreneurs don’t know the real value of their company, and they deal with it only when they are forced to do so (in case of a merger or acquisition or funding), but even then they tend to try ...