Valuations - Exit Strategies

A) Sales of businesses
B) Evaluation and improvement of quality data
C) Business valuations (Hotels, Food-Beverage, Services, Trade, etc.)
D) Exit Strategies

Do you know what is the best timing to decide an "exit strategy"?;
Do you know what are the quality determinants of an assessment?
Do you know how to reach strategic investors for your business?ExpertFinance knows!


  • Presentation of sales purchase strategies of a company, file preparation
  • Compiling valuation studies (Hotels, Food-Beverage, Services, Real Estate, artwork, Trade, etc.), by using scientifically validated methods
  • Enhancement of quality determinants of the value of the business and activities for their improvement
  • Support of our clients in negotiations
  • Goodwill, the most important asset!
  • Proposals for an optimal real estate development
  • Value estimation of small works of art
  • Early planning on when and how to withdraw from the shareholder structure
  • Access to international networks without disclosing confidential information
  • Preparing and implementing investment projects, through partnerships with expatriates, Greek and foreign stakeholders
  • Knowledge of the markets, choosing the right, as appropriate, solutions


External financial management

In large companies the most important needs are those of cash flows’ and working capital’ monitoring, along with the corresponding financial strategic planning.


Alternative funding sources

In recent years, businesses face great difficulty in raising funding from traditional sources i.e. banks etc. However, since business need for cash is growing along with the company itself many entrep...


Business "comeback" through loan restracturing

Nowadays, even companies with prospects and potential look for solutions to their loans’ problem in order to continue operating and growing.