Business Dept Restructuring

A) Recovery plans
B) Restructuring
C) Business Loans
D) Business Dept

Do you know the models of business dept restructuring?
Do you understand dept obligations?
Do you know the critical points that affect the business recovery?

ExpertFinance knows!


  • Analysis of troubled business loans
  • Business Plan & confidential financial control
  • Satisfy creditors based on what your business can afford
  • Spend less time dealing with creditors, collection agencies and attorneys
  • Spend more time creating revenue and optimizing your business
  • Discovering the causes of problematic situations
  • Strong & Weak Points
  • Opportunities and Threats
  • Capital rising
  • Agreement with Banks, Creditors etc


External financial management

In large companies the most important needs are those of cash flows’ and working capital’ monitoring, along with the corresponding financial strategic planning.


Why to compile a "company valuation" study?

The purpose of a Business valuation study, is to determine the "fair market value" of a business, so as the shares’ sale rate to be identified.


A company's success is measured by its value

Many entrepreneurs don’t know the real value of their company, and they deal with it only when they are forced to do so (in case of a merger or acquisition or funding), but even then they tend to try ...