Why to compile a "company valuation" study?

The purpose of a Business valuation study, is to determine the "fair market value" of a business, so as the shares’ sale rate to be identified.

The term "Fair Market Value", for the purposes of a business valuation study, means the price which such a property would change owner from a willing seller to a willing buyer, when neither of them is under pressure to buy or sell, and they are both aware of the relevant data and the transaction takes place in a fair manner for both.

In Business Valuation process, we have to use scientific methods. All methods we use, they give ultimately a measure of the value of the business. It is essential that the business value is identified in theory by experts.

Regardless of which method is more suitable for the evaluation of a specific business, it is advisable to apply several methods and then compare the results. In this way the potential of a company can be better assessed and the value of different circumstances to be determined.

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