External financial management

In large companies the most important needs are those of cash flows’ and working capital’ monitoring, along with the corresponding financial strategic planning.

Smaller companies, however, may although have most urgent relevant needs, they lack of full employability of a skilled professional.

But the unstable economy in recent years, the liquidity difficulties, the continuous changes and shareholders, authorities and others’ pressures, have created increased demands for even small businesses.

The efficiency of a company depends largely on the contribution of the Financial Department and the investment strategy. The Finance Department executives have no longer only managerial role. They actively participate in the formulation and implementation of business strategy and this automatically makes them valuable partners.

Therefore, the SMEs must have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate the available options and take the right decisions.

ExpertFinance has great experience in organizing Financial Departments. In this emerging knowledge based economy, ExpertFinance can be characterized as a firm specializing in this service.

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