Alternative Business Funding

a) Exercise in private provision of capital
b) Capital restructuring
c) Business plans
d) Taking advantage of all funding opportunities

Do you know that there are more different forms of funding than the traditional ones?
Do you know what financing option fits your business best?
Do you know the secrets of a successful approach to new investment capital?Η ExpertFinance knows!


  • Enhancement of the methodology on finding new alternative forms of funding
  • Promotion of the best options to improve the liquidity of your company
  • Preparing the organization and designing a corporate strategy
  • Organizing business action plan through different scenarios
  • Focus on the benefits
  • Correcting the weaknesses
  • Analyzing the methods and procedures of results achievement
  • Reaching all new investing and financing opportunities
  • Consultation with interested parties
  • Decisive contribution to the preparation
  • Disbursement of funding


Business "comeback" through loan restracturing

Nowadays, even companies with prospects and potential look for solutions to their loans’ problem in order to continue operating and growing.


Alternative funding sources

In recent years, businesses face great difficulty in raising funding from traditional sources i.e. banks etc. However, since business need for cash is growing along with the company itself many entrep...


External financial management

In large companies the most important needs are those of cash flows’ and working capital’ monitoring, along with the corresponding financial strategic planning.