Business "comeback" through loan restracturing

Nowadays, even companies with prospects and potential look for solutions to their loans’ problem in order to continue operating and growing.

Banks on the other hand, accept new ideas on this subject, but only on the basis of a realistic, workable and credible plan.

Briefly a sustainability plan must recognize and highlight the company’s problems, solutions and finally what should be done so as to be achieved.

In most cases though a loan restructuring is recommended but their purpose should always be the business ‘Comeback’.

If there the Bank is satisfied and the plan is agreed, then each side is called to honour its commitments, i.e. the company to implement the project (which usually is monitored in a monthly basis) and the Bank to meet the loan restructuring request.

The responsibility for designing and implementing the restructuring plan and business comeback, should be assumed by external partners, who both the Bank and the entrepreneur shall trust.

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